River Region Runners

River Region Runners Constitution & Bylaws

 Adopted June 19, 2014



The name of this club shall be “River Region Runners, Inc.” hereinafter referred to as the “club”.

Section 1. The prime objective of the club shall be to promote and encourage running through the education of the community to the benefits of physical fitness, wellness and sport.

Section 2. In furtherance of the prime purposes and objectives, this club may hold races, time trials, social runs, in all venues, lectures, demonstrations, and social events, print and publish notices, flyers, newsletters, and documents required by the club, make awards, and do all such other things as may be conducive to the encouragement of running.

Section 3. The other objectives of this club are to engage in community activities to promote and publicize by appropriate means the benefits of running, and to coordinate, work and participate with other agencies and organizations advocating running as a means of physical fitness and wellness for all ages.

Section 4. The club will produce and cause to be distributed an electronic newsletter. Said newsletter shall be for the use of all members and will speak for races, race directors, club officers, other running clubs (space available), and printed editorials.

Section 5. The club will maintain an Internet presence. An official club website will contain information about the club, to include history, contacts, meeting minutes, archived newsletters, photos and available services. Further, the website will offer a race calendar and event results, when available. Social networking sites may also be used to promote the club when approved by the Board of Directors.

This club shall be a chapter of the Road Runners Clubs of America (RRCA). Rules and motions adopted by the RRCA are obligatory upon this organization.

Section 1. Membership is available to all individuals and families.

Section 2. Membership commences upon payment of dues and continues for the duration of the fiscal year as defined in ARTICLE V – FINANCE.

Section 3. Membership will be terminated at the request of a member, for failure to pay dues, or as provided in ARTICLE IV – Section 4.

Section 4. The Board of Directors may terminate membership when actions of a member are determined to be contrary to the objectives and good name of the club. This action requires a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors at any meeting where a motion for termination of membership has been made. Any member terminated under this section may apply for membership after a period of time not less than 24 months. Restoration of membership after termination shall require a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors at any meeting where a motion for reinstatement of membership has been made.

Section 1. Dues shall be determined by a majority of the members present at a business meeting and shall not be changed more than once per fiscal year.

Section 2. Dues are non-refundable.

Section 3. This is a nonprofit club. Dues, entry fees, and other moneys received by the club will be spent entirely for carrying out the stated purposes of the club.

Section 4. The fiscal year shall start on the first day of January and end on the last day of December.

Section 5. The Board of Directors may provide for reasonable and legal compensation to members or others for performance of necessary services to the club.

Section 6. Expenditure of club funds must be approved by the Board of Directors. Members or others using club funds for any purpose shall submit record of expenditures to the treasurer.

Section 7. This club shall be empowered to participate in fund raising activities for itself and sponsors.

Section 8. This club will submit dues to the Road Runners Clubs of America (RRCA) for membership as is required.

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Section 1. The management of this club shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and up to four members selected at large and the immediate past president. All will be elected except the immediate past president, who is an ex officio member.

Section 2. The duties of the officers are as follows:

    • President – to preside over meetings, represent this club in the RRCA, call special meetings, appoint committees and chairpersons thereof, and break tie votes
    • Vice President – to assume the powers of the president in his or her absence, to take on special assignments as requested by the president and vote.
    • Secretary – to record minutes of meetings, to keep a file of such minutes, to take on assignments involving correspondence and the keeping of records as requested by the president, and vote.
    • Treasurer – to administer all financial matters, to have authority to disburse necessary funds, responsible for financial management, accounting, and vote. Members-At-Large of the Board of Directors – to take on special assignments or functions of the club as requested by the president, and vote.
    • Members-At-Large of the Board of Directors – to take on special assignments or functions of the club as requested by the president, and vote.

Section 3. Members running for office must be active members in good standing at least 6 months before the start of the new fiscal year.

Section 4. Officers may be elected to succeed themselves.

Section 5. Terms of office shall be for one year and shall start effective with the first meeting of the new fiscal year. Elections shall be held 60-90 days before the start of the new fiscal year. Offices vacated by resignation shall be filled through appointment by the president, and those terms of office shall expire at the time of the first meeting of the new fiscal year. 

Section 6. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of those present at a meeting called for that purpose. At least thirty days notice shall be given at a meeting prior to the election of officers.

Section 7. Officers will be selected from a slate of officers submitted by a nominations committee of three members in good standing chaired by a past-president of the club.

Section 1. The club shall conduct a business meeting at least once every two calendar months.

Section 2. Business meetings shall be held on the third Thursday of each month in which a meeting is to be held unless changed by the president with the advice and consent of a simple majority of the Board of Directors.

Section 3. The president may call meetings of the Board of Directors in addition to regular business meetings. The Board of Directors at such meetings may consider or vote upon emergency matters or expenditures up to but not to exceed $750.00. A two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors is required for passage on all motions or measures introduced at such meetings.

Section 4. Minutes must be taken for “call” business meetings and Board of Directors meetings.

Section 5. The business meeting will be held at a specific location known to members. Any change in meeting arrangements shall be announced in the newsletter, official website, club mail outs or other means.

Section 6. All members and interested parties are invited to attend business meetings. Any member in good standing may bring business concerns to the meetings.

Section 7. A constitutional amendment including dissolution may be accomplished by two-thirds vote of the members present at the meeting. Only those who have been members in good standing of the club 30 days prior to the proposal of such an amendment may vote upon same. There must be 30 days of notification given to the membership after the presentation of a motion to amend the constitution and bylaws of the club and prior to voting upon such amendments.

In the event of dissolution of this club, the net funds in the treasury, after all creditors have been paid, shall be conveyed to the Road Runners Clubs of America (RRCA) or to any other 501(c)(3) organization, as determined by the Board of Directors. No member shall receive these funds other than as provided in ARTICLE – 5, Section 5 herein.